Dancing on Rooftops at Kempinski St Petersburg

"Roofing" seems to be a common activity in St. Petersburg.

One can even find tours advertised on Trip Advisor that promise to show you the best views of the city without you slipping to an untimely death.

Of course, we decided that rather than take a knowledgeable tour guide we would just do our own thing. This isn't entirely recommendable to others, but thankfully it worked out fine for us!

We started off by checking into a gorgeous split level room in the Kempinski Hotel Moika. Having your own staircase really does up the ante and I particularly liked the royal blue colour of the decor.

The Russian Doll and the chocolate and fruit platter were a nice extra touch.

The only disappointment was the bathroom was more on the pokey end of the size spectrum.

None the less our location right next to the State Hermitage Museum was perfect, we really could not have been closer.

Once we had settled in we made our way up to the top floor to the Bellevue Brasserie for tea. The Bellevue was just that, a beautiful view. The entire brasserie is enclosed in giant glass windows and its position, right in the heart of the city means you can see several of the main attractions including the Church of the Saviour on Blood, St. Issac's, and the State Hermitage.

Outside the window two people caught our eye. A man with a massive bouquet of roses and presumably his girlfriend were standing out on rooftop just in front of our window.

We went to investigate. All that seemed to be standing in our way were a bunch of industrial sized fans, thankfully incased in white metal boxes, so up we climbed until we too found ourselves on the roof.

The lighting in the afternoon was ideal so we retired with the plan to make a pre-breakfast roofing attempt the following day. All was going well until unsurprisingly security caught sight of us and that was the end of that, but at least we managed to get in some good photos!

This was followed by one of the best breakfasts I had seen in a while! My favourite part of staying in Kempinski Hotels is the breakfast. The buffet display is always so extravagant and the Kempinski St. Petersburg was no exception.

I could have grazed here all day but eventually my stomach gave in and it was off to explore the city.

All in all I would totally recommend the Kempinski St. Petersburg, the location is unbeatable and the view from Bellevue Brassiere is a must even if you aren't staying in the hotel!



  1. I love that this is a thing! That picture of you in the red dress spinning is my favorite. That rooftop bar/restaurant area looks amazing too. It's those little details that make it so much more fun! We'll have to remember to do this someday!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  2. I love the luxurious and intimate feel to your hotel room, and wow you're right about that breakfast looking delicious - yum! Roofing sounds like so much fun and I've also seen it occurring more in Russia (via Instagram, of course, haha). Love those shots of you dancing on the rooftops, magical!


  3. Such a beautiful hotel and a room split over two levels lovely. The views from the roof are wonderful and the red dress stunning Lucy x

  4. These pictures are so pretty!! Love it so much <3

    X Merel

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