Destination Sydney - City Break Guide


How can one do justice to any city if the visit is only a few days long? Sydney, Australia is one of the top choices among tourists these days, especially for such short-burst visits. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, the weather in the Land Down Under is almost always sunny, so there’s almost no chance that your short visit will be ruined by bad weather. Secondly, the urban plan of the city is well thought out and it's really easy to get from one place to another and save a lot of time. Next, Sydney is simply an extremely colorful city brimming with activities, so it's impossible to get bored no matter the length of your visit. In fact, the location is so overwhelmingly appealing, it might be better to consume it in small but more frequent bites than big gulps.
If you decide to choose Sydney as your next hot destination, here are a few useful tips on how to make the most out of your short break.

 Of course - Sydney Opera House

There are several questions that pop up when you are considering a visit to Sydney, like when to go, but let's concentrate on what to actually visit once you get there. So, without further ado, let's get into the meat of things.
The first image that pops into the mind of most people once you mention Sydney is the renowned Sydney Opera House. The impressive building was created by Danish architect Jorn Utzon in 1973 and it has since been one of the World Heritage UNESCO sites.
If you can, catch a performance or attend one of numerous events and festivals that keep this architectural marble occupied around the clock throughout the entire year.

Marvel at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It's as iconographic for Sydney as the Golden Gate Bridge is for San Francisco and it was the best-known landmark of the city before the opera house was constructed. This beautiful and intricate steel constructions is supported by double piers at each end and it was built in 1932. It's also known as "the Coathanger" among locals.
If you are not incredibly afraid of heights, dare to climb to the 135-meters-high top of the bridge. This is usually done in groups and it takes more than three hours to reach the top.

Get to the top of Sydney Tower

Now that we are mentioning great heights, you can't let your short visit pass without getting to the top of 309-meters-tall Sydney Tower. In fact, it should be one of the first things on your to-do list since it is a perfect starting position for the newcomers.
For one, you are bound to get your bearings once you reach the top. As you enjoy the panorama of the city, try to pinpoint where you'd like to go next. The glass floors might send shivers down your knees, but don't worry - the flooring is as safe as it can be. Since the tower is as tall as it is, it can also serve as an orientation marker for the tourists.
It's a short trip to the top via the express elevator so don't worry, you won't spend too much energy when visiting this location. Of course, there are many potential starting locations that are just as equally iconographic as the mentioned ones, but you'll have to make a few difficult choices if you’re staying only for a short while.

Visit Bondi Beach

Sydney's sprawling urban area surrounds the biggest natural harbour in the world - Port Jackson. In fact, the city itself has such a wide variety of beaches, you'll find yourself hard pressed to make a sensible choice.
For starters, visiting Bondi Beach is a sort of rite of passage for all newcomers. The name comes from the aboriginal word which means "water breaking over rocks" and it's the most popular beach in the city. Since it is also a sports and recreation hotspot, with various clubs and Bondi Skate Park, it's a bona fide hub you can spend a lot of time investigating.
It's a perfect place to rest and enjoy a lazy afternoon, especially if the breakneck pace of swirling around the city has worn you out, and you want to spend the last afternoon in the city relaxing.

Spice it up with the hotel choice

You are bound to spend the least time in your hotel room, since you’ll be racing around trying to capture the highlights of the city in your memory as much as you can. However, if you're in the mood to spice up the place you’re staying at, you should check out the unique art hotel in Sydney - The Old Clare Hotel. This interesting little corner you can hang your hat at is just one of the amazing boutique hotels.

Take a break in botanical gardens

If you want to take a break from the city verve and you are not in the mood for the beach, you can always visit Sydney Botanic Gardens, an unforgettably quaint patch of land that will please the eye of every possible aesthetic snob out there. Just like with Central Park in New York, you'll hardly be able to believe that this kaleidoscope of floral beauties and serenity lies in the middle of such a dynamic city. The park stretches over 30 hectares in total, so you can spend a lot of time checking out every nook and crannies along it's green pastures.

The visit to Sydney ends as abruptly as it begins no matter how long you stay. It's because the city has such an array of activities and locations to offer, you'll feel gobsmacked once you have left.



  1. A lovely post from Arron, Sydney looks beautiful such a stunning place and so much to offer Lucy