New York’s Best Instagram Restaurants

Obviously I believe in covering the most crucial of subject matters.

Have you ever insta-stalked a restaurant or bar before going, just to check out if the food looks good or if any of the décor is worth snapping? I realise I probably do this in the excess but there are some serious benefits to doing your research.
Buddakan NYC
For one thing, you already know what the different dishes look like before you order so you can save yourself that painful moment of food envy when your dining companions dish comes out looking like a piece of art compared to your slightly stale toast with a minuscule portion of avo.

My personal favourite items to scope out are anything that sounds obnoxiously healthy but appears to be tasty, e.g. any cacao shakes.

Here is what to look out for on Instagram -

Caption = “loving this superfood, vegan, gluten-free, Cacoa shake! #Blessed #basicAF”.

Image = a chocolate milkshake in a funky looking jam jar with a biodegradable straw.

I sound like I’m hating but I am really not. Anyways back to the matter at hand, the New York food scene is an ever changing list of what’s hot and what’s not so forgive me if you read this in 3 months time and think “what is she on about?”. These are my current thoughts as to New York’s best Instagram restaurants in no particular order:

Buddakan – Meatpacking district

This place is so good I would go without a camera. For real you heard that right, the food is actually good here. Buddakan has dominated the trendy Manhattan restaurant scene for years and is consistently packed night after night. There is no shortage of insta-potential in this place but my personal favourites are the enormous gothic style candle chandeliers, and of course THE dessert.

Tao – meatpacking district

Tao and Buddakhan are so oddly similar in décor, cuisine, and even location – they are right opposite each other! I would rank the insta-potential of Tao slightly higher than Buddakhan, mainly because of the gigantic Buddha but the food is definitely not as good. It is still very buzzy and fun, and if you have enough of their delicious cocktails you won’t even notice the food.

Granservroot – Meatpacking District

Ok I know this is a hotel should’t really be on the list at all, but it is right down the street from Buddhakhan / Tao and their rooftop bar is a must post dinner for a fantastic view of Manhattan’s skyline.

While we were young

This tiny new restaurant has taken instagram by storm. It is essentially a bloggers dream with its white marble table tops, roses, cute girly cocktails, pink and white themed décor, and hipster neon sign with an unclear meaning. It is as if an entire pinterest board has come to life!
Photo credit: one hungry jew

Photo credit: one hungry jew

Roberts – Columbus Circle

Located on top of the muesum of modern arts – it provides an excellent opportunity to be a fake art snob and capture one of Manhattans most iconic scenes all in one go! The West side corner of Central Park and Columbus Circle is a winner for every grammer, sadly this particular time we visited we caught it on a rainy day but in the sun it is superb.

Vandal - Lower East Side

I went here for the giant upside down purple bunny.

I was not disappointed. This bunny has more photos taken of him than most b – list celebs. Vandal is actually owned by the Tao group – obviously they know whats up when it comes to starting / running restaurants. 

The food here is Mexican fusion and actually quite tasty, you could even go if the bunny hopped off somewhere else.

Cipriani – Grand Central Station

I don’t know if this is cheating as really the main photo ops are of Grand Central which you can take plus or minus Italian food. However, I do love the risotto here and it is an excellent spot for people watching so on the list it stays.

That is all I have got on my list at the moment but do let me know where you have found as I am always on the hunt for new spots!



  1. While We Were Young looks so pretty though!

    Stella xx

  2. Wow, they all look so amazing but i think my favourite has to be Tao!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. All these restaurants look great and delicious!

  4. We also went to the terrace of the Gansevoort! These places look very cool, especially While We Were Young

    1. Doesn't it have the best view?! I love that its not crazy busy too

  5. I'm hopefully going to New York next year so will 100% come back to this post for recommendations! xx

  6. Buddakan NYC looks like such a moody and atmospheric space to dine, wow! My favourite is definitely While We Were Young; total blogger's dream haha, you're right!!

    1. It's ridiculous, it was basically made for instagram haha

  7. Nice and beautiful post! I follow you, can you follow me back? I'll be grateful♥

  8. I love stalking food options first I definitely suffer with FOMO. Great post Lucy x