Rock n Roll Tapas, Pyxiemoss Singapore

Pyxiemoss's take on tapas is a little unusual to say the least.

I first came across the restaurant by doing a cursory google search of "good restaurants in Singapore" or the other creative search of "where to eat in Singapore". Pyxiemoss seemed to pop up quite a bit as a small dishes restaurant, which in my mind I translated as Spanish tapas.

The reality was more traditional English cuisine with a slight Asian slant served up in a darkened rock bar playing Def Leppard. The whole scenario was topped off by a Harley Davidson parked by the entrance.

Confused much?

You're not alone, Pyxiemoss has created quite a stir on the Singapore food scene with countless reviewers trying to pin down exactly what type of restaurant it is, or name the cuisine genre. Take for example this description of the Carrot dog from the honeycombers website "imagine a ‘hot dog’ based on Berlin’s famous currywurst sausages, albeit adapted into a vegetarian version using a char-grilled carrot (behold: the ‘sausage’) coated with gula Melaka and Asian achar".

The man behind Pyxiemoss is Chef Tim Ross - Watson, British by nationality but spent a good deal of his childhood in Asia. He called his restaurant Pyxiemoss as the pixie moss is the only flowering moss out of over 12000 species of moss, it thrives and flourishes even in harsh conditions.

The first thing that impressed me about Pyxiemoss actually has nothing to do with the restaurant or the food. When we pitched up and looked down at the table reservation list we saw my difficult to spell Irish name was spelt correctly! Turns out our waiter had lived in Dublin for several years.

The cocktail bar seemed to fit the general creative concept of the restaurant but we were all very boring and stuck with G & Ts or wine.

On the menu were English classics such as "fish and chips", or the American "coffee and lox" and "Just the Tip" which is essentially a Waldorf Salad. Totally not what I was expecting as a small plate.

The salad is actually touted as one of the most complex dishes on the menu with the celery being prepped in 6 different ways! Part of the root is slow-cooked over 6 weeks to give it more flavour, the leaves are deep fried, the skin is dehydrated and turned into charcoal, and it's then all tossed in with barely risotto, stilton cheese,  and sweet walnuts.

We ordered a combination of dishes including the famous salad, coffee and lox, a curry, and pork belly. All of them were delicious and so cleverly presented. I loved how the crackers were served in a brown paper bag!

Prices on the whole weren't too bad either, if you ordered every dish on the menu it would only work out to be 220SD. No, I wasn't the one to work that out.

To round up my thoughts:

Atmosphere: Very upmarket biker bar

Meal Presentation: Instagram worthy for sure!

Taste: I ate salad... that says enough

Tip: Remember to book, it is fairly small on the inside



  1. Wow, that is a very atmospheric restaurant and the food presentation looks amazing!

  2. I have never heard of this restaurant before, and don't know if one day i'll pop into it, but nonetheless thanks for sharing your honest opinions.


    1. It is worth a try if you are in the area!