Best hotel lobbies for studying in Dublin

Over the last few months I have spent most of my time buried in books. I know, it is very unlike myself but needs must.

Thankfully, I have now finished my exams and I am so excited to get back to travelling and blogging every week. To kick start my new freedom I thought I would write a post for those who are still stuck studying / working. It seems that the current trend for us digital nomads involves descending onto your nearest Starbucks, ordering a low-fat sugar-free upside-down caramel macchiato, and setting up your own mini study at a corner seat. As much as I like the endless choice of caffeinated beverages, studying in a cafe has never been my thing. I much prefer a good hotel lobby and here is why:

1. Luxury hotels have better seating than chain coffee shops - fact

2. Zen lobby music trumps large groups of loud teenagers

3. You don't have to get up to order  

4. Complementary biscuits? Yes please  

Surprisingly the cost of a coffee in a 5 star hotel is barely more than Starbucks and when you throw in some free cookies and table service you are definitely getting more bang for your buck by opting for luxury.

With that being said here are my top 3 hotels in Dublin to study in:

Marker Hotel

Price of a Cappuccino: €4
Biscuits: 1
Why it made the list: So many reasons.. I just love the funky lobby decor and if you get there early enough you can order one of their famous cronuts, on the other hand if you stay late enough you can go for cocktails at their rooftop bar.

Photo Cred: The Marker Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel

Price of a Cappuccino: €4.45
Biscuits: 1
Why it made the list: The intercon is one of my favourite spots around Christmas time, they have the best Christmas decorations and their lobby is just so cosy.


Price of a Cappuccino: €5.00
Biscuits: 3 chocolate chip biscuits!
Why it made the list: The Shelbourne has one of the best locations in Dublin as its located right on St. Stephen's Green which happens to be close to the shops, just incase you get bored!

Photo credit - The A List

Photo credit - The A List



  1. We were in Dublin for the New Year but didn't make it to these hotels, I'll have to check them out when next back. The chandelier at the Intercontinental looks beautiful and I agree, hotels are a great place for meetings or simply relaxing

    1. You should definitely check them out Suze, they are great spots!

  2. You make a great point about luxury hotels having better seating than ordinary cafés - ideal for when you have plenty of work to get through!

    1. They are just so much more comfortable!

  3. What a fab post. Why on earth didn't I think of studying in hotels when I was at uni? That would have been so much more up my street! xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. They definitely make great study spots!

  4. Great choices and the perfect way to relax revising. Glad that you are all finished with your exams I hope they went well Lucy x