Why everyone should go to Manly in Sydney

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is having a lovely 2017 so far. Apologies for slowing down on the blogging, my final med exams are around the corner and I'm spending most of the time wandering around like a panic stricken headless chicken.

Before the panic had really set it, I was spending the most fantastic month in Manly, a suburb of Sydney in Australia.

Manly is north of Sydney's city centre and takes a 20-30 minute ferry ride to get there from CBD. The range in 10 minutes depends on what ferry company you go with, I'm not just being lazy by not looking up the exact figures,

After living for a month in this fabulous sea-side suburb here are the list of reasons why you should all go:

There are beaches everywhere!

You are inundated with choice when it comes to which beach to set up camp. The most famous is of course Manly Beach, a large stretch of sand with decent surf.

If you are more keen on swimming then I would recommend Shelly Beach which offers great snorkeling visibility.

If you want the place to your self then you can try Little Manly Beach or Collins Beach.

Healthy food actually tastes good here

Manly is a little bubble of health and fitness. If you walk down Manly Beach at 6 am you will see hoards of people running up and down or doing a group exercise classes.

After working up an appetite post run/surf/swim you may want to tuck into some bacon and eggs or burger and chips time of day depending.. but nope think again, nearly every cafe in Manly has a menu adorned with every imaginable genre of superfood, most of them are unpronounceable and from some far off village in Brazil.

You can't really complain though, as it all tastes great which makes being healthy easy.

You can watch the sun go down with a views like this...

North Head is a national park in Manly which has spectacular views over the city. It is on top of a rather steep hill so if you are feeling brave you can cycle or walk up, if not its just a couple minutes in a car.

Ideal for water based activities 

You can do pretty much anything you like, but really it is all about surfing in Manly which is handy as there is a surf school offering private and group lessons for people of all ages / levels.

While I was there I joined the famed Bold and the Beautiful Swim Squad. Every morning at 6, 6.30, or 7am (no prizes for guessing which one I went to) a group of hardy (crazy) swimmers make their way from Manly to Shelly beach and back. A neat 1.5km in total... extra if you have to swim out of your way to avoid the stingers.

I swear I was happier than I look



  1. Happy New Year! These photos are beautiful! :) xx

  2. Always wanted to visit Australia - the photos of Manly are gorgeous! Good luck with your studies!


  3. Ooh good luck with your exams, Ash! Manly looks fantastic, on my to visit list

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. lovely :)
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  5. Oh wow, that sunset view is breathtakingly beautiful! Good luck with your final med exams by the way - I had no idea you were studying in that area, wishing you all the best!!


  6. Stunning post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  7. Good luck with the exams, you will be fine and all the hard work will pay off. Manly sounds like paradise and the photos look beautiful Lucy x