Lunch at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Sydney

Incase you are not aware about what's hot and what's not in Sydney (i.e. me about a month ago), Watsons Bay is burning right now.

Located in the wealthy eastern suburbs of Sydney, Watsons Bay attracts a glammed up crowd. In fact the first time I heard of the hotel was when bikini models Tash Oakley and Dev Brugman held their launch party there for their new range of 300 dollar swimsuits.

In hindsight I probably should have remembered that fact before turning up for lunch in a crumpled dress that was slightly sandy from the mornings dip in the ocean... oh well!

As expected for anywhere trendy the place was buzzing on this particular sunny Sunday afternoon, but somehow we managed to swoop in and steal a table right at the front!

I loved the red straws in all the drinks. They were a tad unpractical as they semi collapsed in as soon as you took a sip, put for a visual it was perfect!

There was an extensive cocktail list, but really is there a need when you have a cocktail served in a coconut?

Ignoring Sydney's love of all things green or anti-oxidising we ordered old fashioned fish and chips and burger and chips. Weekends... Am I right?!

Once we had eaten we went for a mini walk around the bay and up by the park next to it  - which has a superb view of Sydney's CBD - before hopping in Laura's car and heading to Bondi.

Have you all seen the show Bondi Rescue? Apparently everyone in the world has seen it but me. Literally the minute I put up a snap of the beach I got numerous texts telling me not to go swimming or I'll end up on TV.

Thankfully I did not making a star appearance as we only got waist height in the water before the icy conditions made us turn back (ok slight exaggeration, it was around 20 degrees but still I am used to the Indian Ocean).

Obviously that bit of exertion was enough to wear us out so we toddled along to Bondi Icebergs for a drink.

What a view! If you didn't see part one of this post you can check it out here, but basically in summary Laura and I had a fantastic day adventuring around Sydney and I would strongly recommend all of the places that we went.

Happy Travels



  1. You did well to get a table right at the front - looks like a fun place!

    1. Yes we were so lucky. Such a fun lunch spot, would recommend it if you are ever in town!

  2. What a vista, the perfect table and I would certainly enjoy the view Lucy x