Doughnut Heaven at The Grounds of Alexandria

I know I said this post was about doughnuts.. but that was just to lure you in.

The main attraction is really these super cute 3-D lattes!

If you have follow me on instagram, you probably hate me right now because I am constantly at the beach, but you will also know I recently upped sticks and left Dublin for sunny Sydney.

I am here for a month doing a medical elective in what is fast becoming my favourite place on Earth - Manly! The lifestyle in Manly is just the dream and I will be writing plenty on it soon!

But first, coffee.

My lovely tour guide of the day was my friend Laura who I know from high school in Kenya. This cute little cafe was right by her house and an excellent brunch spot to start our day of adventures.

Once we had our fill of food we wandered to Surry Hills, a trendy hipster-ish neighbourhood filled with boutiques and cute cafes.

After a spot of shopping we hopped in Laura's car and drove to The Grounds of Alexandria which is fast becoming one of Sydney's top attractions.

This former industrial carpark is now an urban haven with its own sustainable garden and mini farm.

On site is a cafe and restaurant serving fresh organic local produce, as well as an artisan bakery and coffee roastery - can you see why its popular?!

As we had literally just eaten brunch we didn't have a sit down meal, but they looked GOOD! Instead I was drawn like a bee to honey to the doughnut stand.

I just can't resist that deep fried sugary goodness....

How I wish I craved for things like kale... but c'est la vie.

To finish our tour of Alexandria we checked out the flower shop. Normal I wouldn't find much to mention in a flower shop, but this place was beautiful, plus rainbow roses! Gorgeous!

This was far from the end of our day but I now need to go douse myself in aloe vera as that Australian sun is heroically strong. I shall write more soon... happy travels :)



  1. It is currently cold, dark and raining here so your sunshine, late and beautiful beach shots are very welcome. How cute is that latte and the roses at the end lovely Lucy x

    1. I just loved the lattes, more places need to do them!

  2. Beautiful photos! Those lattes are too cute! :) xx

  3. You may have lied about the doughnuts but the cat in the hot drink and multi coloured roses made up for it Lucy x

  4. Cute as ever.
    I wish you a merry Xmas and a Happy new year honey

    Alice Cerea

  5. Both coffees you were served looked so cute!!! :) My mouth is watering right now!!! :) Too much sugar LOL :)