Rooftop Pools & Sunset Cocktails in Tel Aviv

Luxury Stay at the Carlton Hotel Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the polar opposite of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is steeped in history and one of the world's most important pilgrimage destinations. Tel Aviv is modern, liberal, and famous for it's nightlife and trendy restaurants.

In my humble opinion a trip to Israel is not complete without visiting both cities.

In keeping with new age vibes of Tel Aviv we opted for the ultra modern Carlton Hotel... in truth we saw the rooftop pool and we were sold!

Check-in was a smooth and easy process, helped greatly by a welcoming glass of champagne.

After a long day of walking around in the heat, my plan was to jump in the shower the minute I arrived in the room. However, I got distracted by the superb view!

Then more welcome treats...

Chocolate and wine, a sure fire way to my heart. All I needed was for a matcha latte to magically appear and I would never have left.

Photo Cred: Carlton

Amazingly, I managed to resist opening the wine until after my shower. When I was finally clean and post one glass of wine, we decided to check out the Royal Executive Lounge.

The Royal Executive Lounge is open to anyone staying on the 14th floor - a.k.a. the Executive Floor. The rooms are pricier up here but the benefits are neat!

The Lounge is open all day until 11pm and serves complimentary food and drink. In the evening there is an open bar and if you have friends in Tel Aviv you can bring two of them in as your guests.

Photo Cred: Carlton

We sadly didn't have any friends in Tel Aviv but we did meet a lovely family visiting from New York who gave us plenty of tips on where to go and most importantly, what to eat!

 Photo Cred: Carlton

We originally planned to go out for dinner but we got carried away chatting to the New Yorkers and their guests, and ended up eating far too many nibbles in the lounge. So at closing time we instead went for a stroll down the promenade and ended up at Galina by the port.

Photo Cred: Galina

This place was lit!! ... Sorry had to use that word, was accused of being a granny earlier this week for not knowing what slay meant.

Anyways, if you are looking for a place to go midweek in Tel Aviv then I can recommend Galina.

It was definitely the cause of us being a little late to breakfast the next day,

Thankfully we didn't miss it!

The buffet display was spread out over several rooms.

They had a full on honeycomb sheet!

After breakfast we had a nap, I realise this is becoming a habit. Then got up and went cycling to Jaffa. In the afternoon Michael came back and went to the gym.

My all time favourite moment from the Carlton was when we came back to the room a little later and found this:

A+ for service, creativity, and genuinely making me laugh.

To finish of our day we went poolside for happy hour cocktails, or in my case an iced coffee, and for sunset views.

Yup! I am a fan!



  1. I love the look of that rooftop pool and what a great view from your room

  2. Wow what an amazing hotel

  3. Oh wow, the view from the window is stunning!

    Corinne x

    1. Definitely my favourite part of the room!

  4. That hotel looks like an actual dream. I scrolled back up to see the breakfast items just once more. I know where I want to stay if I ever make it there! Wow.

    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. I ate so much at breakfast, would need to live in the gym to work it all off haha

  5. Tel Aviv looks fantastic!!! I'm all about the rooftop pools and the fabulous views especially at sunset xx

  6. Another utterly beautiful travel diary! Your stay here looks ideal - from the beginning when greeted with chocolate and wine (what could be better?) :) The rooftop pool looks dreamy too.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, chocolate and wine is always a winner!

  7. I love the cozy, home-y vibe it gives! Love the buffet as well!

    1. The buffet was the best!! Food for dayssss

  8. A beautiful hotel and the swimming pool what a vista Lucy x