How not to get yelled at in Jerusalem and other tips

Step one of my ‘Jerusalem in a day’ guide is to wake up early.

Then go back to sleep, no need for that kind of thing!

Michael and I had had great intentions of getting up at dawn and cramming our day full of activities. Then of course dawn came and passed and not a movement was made.

We eventually made our way for breakfast at a leisurely 10 o’clock. Then had the essential post breakfast nap by the pool. When we finally left the hotel, it was just in time for lunch.

At this point I would have happily dawdled around the souk, stopping for tea, but thankfully Michael had come prepared and knew we had limited time if we wanted to get into Temple Mount.

Temple Mount is home to the iconic golden Dome of the Rock and is one of Jerusalem’s most important holy sites. Due it is volatile history only one of the 11 entrance gates are open to tourists and non-muslims.

The Mugrabi Gate is located in the Old Town close to the Western Wall and visiting hours are as follows:

Summer: Sunday to Thursday from 8.30 – 11.30 and 13.30 – 14.30
Winter 7.30 -10.30 and 12.30 – 13.30

If you are visiting remember to cover up, in 35 degree heat this nearly killed me but they won’t let you in otherwise.

Sadly I still managed to get myself in trouble with a tree pose photo. If you haven’t seen my instagram, the tree pose is my signature pose and I like to do it in iconic locations in the places I visit.

I know it is a rather silly pose but I definitely meant no disrespect. I thought Dome of the Rock would be the perfect place for it as in my mind I link holiness with peace, and for me yoga is what gives me peace. It never crossed my mind that it may look like I was mocking Islam.

When I was first yelled at for doing a yoga pose I immediately stopped and apologised. Unfortunately this was  not sufficient for my crime and the man who took offence came running after to me to yell at me for a few more minutes.

Needless to say I was a little shaken after this incident, I debated if I should post the photo or not and in the end decided to go ahead as I meant no ill will, and I didn't want to let one bad incident affect me.

If you are planning a visit this blog post gives a good overview!

After leaving Temple Mount and the Western Wall we wandered through the Old Town to the Church of the Holy Sephulchre, where Jesus was crucified and where he was said to have been buried and resurrected.

It was then definitely time for lunch so we left the Old Town and went to a place called Pinati, that Michael had picked out of the Lonely Planet. This place also made the Wall Streets Journal’s list of best hummus in Jerusalem!

They were right, the hummus was delicious.

I wrote down where recommended it as I was later asked by Israeli security where I went to eat and why I chose there, and to show where in the guidebook it said go to Pinati… but more on that story later.

Post hummus, we set off for Mount Zion the location of the Last Supper. I would have thought it would be packed but there was barely a tourist to be seen. Perhaps they were all hiding from the heat.

As always, I was in search of a good view point so we climbed up to the observation deck which gave a terrific view of all of Jerusalem and into Palestinian territories.

That was about it for our day in Jerusalem, it was then on to Tel Aviv! In case this blog post was a TLDR situation here is a snap shot summary:



The Old Town, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Spechulre, Yoel Moshe Salomon Street, Mount Zion



  1. I always have the best intentions to get up at sunrise too, Ash! Anyway, looks like you fitted lots in

    1. Well having the intention is good enough I think ;)

  2. Wow it looks so cool there

  3. These photos are stunning! And this is a great article to read. I've always wanted to visit Jerusalem and I'm a bit surprised as to why they'd yell at you, you're covered up, you meant no harm, so interesting to read for sure.

    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. I think they are just quite on edge there. It is a beautiful city though, and very interesting to visit.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you were shouted at while visiting Jerusalem, that definitely would have shaken me up! I have to admit, I've never been too keen to visit there, however it's lovely to see a trip to the location through your eyes :) Hope you're having a fab week so far!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. It was unpleasant but I guess I was pushing my luck with the whole yoga pose thing! It really isn't a popular destination for English and Irish people, but maybe it will change in the future. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  5. Looks like a stunning trip. It's so cool how those stone steps have ramps in for the carts! Amazing.

    Corinne x

  6. I never had Jerusalem in my list but I should add it! I love the scenery!

  7. Jerusalem is a beautiful city. I visited back in 2014 and I was detained in Tel Aviv airport due to my muslim name, I was interrogated for a few hours, it was awful! However, I did enjoy Jerusalem. Such rich history and important to so many. I look at your pictures and I'm now pining to go back!


    1. Same thing happened to me! I had stamps from muslin countries so I was detained at the airport for hours. Such a shame that happens, it is such a beautiful country but it would really put me off going in future.

  8. Looks like such a lovely time, thanks for sharing!

    ISA Professional