Room With A View Monaco

Happiness for me is sunshine and the sea.

When a terrific room view and few yachts are thrown into the mix, I think that is pretty much hitting the jackpot.

We switched hotel midway through our Monaco trip due to a series of bizarre events. We had initially only booked for two nights, but a week before the trip we decided to extend an extra two days. I booked the same hotel for the extra nights using a travel company.

Randomly, two days before the trip it came up in conversation that a holiday group had gone bust. Needless to say it was the same group I had booked with, and they had never even emailed to say our reservation no longer stood! I tried to book the same hotel again but the price had gone way up so we booked the Marriott Hotel in Cap D’Ail.

The Marriott hotel is right on the border of Monaco and France and overlooks its own small harbour.

The move turned out to be for the best as our room was incredible! Waking up to this view every morning was bliss.

During the day we decided to hit up the Cap Marquet Beach Club right next to the hotel.

Oh Oh before I forget! I actually went on an early morning jog to this same stretch of beach and managed to get a snap of it before it was jammed with people.

Yes I totally just added that in to let you all know that I went on a morning jog. I even instagrammed it… It is probably a good thing I am not a fitness freak, I would be unbearably smug.

Anyways, back to Cap Marquet… with temperatures well into the 30s I most certainly was not jogging at this point.

I did contemplate renting a paddle board at one point, but I was too distracted by a few badly done botox jobs on the beach to get around to it.

For lunch we both had salad… the heat and all the beautiful people in Monaco were great for motivating me to be healthy.

My salad was delicious, mainly because there was very little ‘salad’ it was mostly seafood.. yum!

In the evening we went to my favourite spots in Monte Carlo, the Crystal Bar at the Hermitage Hotel.

The last time I was here it was the middle of winter and I stuck to having a cup of tea, this time it was rose all the way.

The view from the terrace is amazing day or night.

If you do go, make sure you have a snoop around the rest of the hotel. The Lemon Bar is so gorgeous and that ceiling, no words.




  1. Lovely photos! I'm glad that you realised about the hotel in time! :) xx

  2. Nice place for a morning jog! Reminds me of our fun time in Cannes

  3. Ahh it must have been horrible to hear about the company going bust but it looked like it worked in your favour!

    Corinne x

  4. What a beautiful place, that beach looks amazing

  5. The room you woke up to each morning looks utterly gorgeous, as is this entire post! I'm glad to hear you heard about the hotel booking issue in advance so you were able to sort something out - that could have been a nasty surprise!!

  6. Fantastic pictures, the hotel looks really nice.