Road Tripping To The Giant's Causeway

In the week leading up to our road trip I asked nearly everyone I encountered if they had been to the Giant's Causeway.

The universal answer was "no" typically followed by "but I have heard it's beautiful up there".

Yet, when Theresa, Chris, and I tried to book a place in nearby Portrush it was completely sold out... very odd.

Plus side was that it meant people did actually venture up there and the Giant's Causeway isn't just some mythical land existing only in our imaginations.

Proof that people visit

The relative downside was that we had to change our plans and stay somewhere else. Thankfully we found a beautiful apartment in Belfast overlooking the Titanic Museum.

I loved the floor length glass windows and the modern style of the place.

It was the perfect spot to rent out with friends and a very handy location too.

Though my navigation skills to the carpark left much to be desired.. I'm pretty sure I directed Chris around the same clock tower more times than you can count on one hand.

Soon after we arrived we went in search of food and came across The National Grande Cafe.

We liked it. So much so that we never went anywhere else, we had all our meals there as well as drinks that night.

In our defence it was about 4 stories high and we went to different floors, so technically we were exploring.

In the afternoon we checked out the Titanic Museum - amazing! I have been so unimpressed with museums lately for having far too much writing and far too few displays or interactive items.

The Titanic Museum was the opposite of this with several replications of the interior of the ship and a full on cable car trip around a model dockyard!

Before heading out in the evening we went to the ever glamorous Tesco and bought a selection of snacks to have in our lovely apartment.

In the morning we went back to our favourite cafe before driving up the the Causeway.

The rock formation is due to molten rock from extensive volcanic activity that used to occur in the area, and not due to Giants as was once debated.

The rocks vary in shape and size but can be visually grouped into 3 separate areas, this is the result of 3 different periods of volcanic activity.

When you have no friends

The columnar shape occurred from the contraction of rapidly cooling lava.

Yeah and thats it in terms of my geology information...

In simpler terms, the Giant's Causeway is beautiful and well worth a visit!



  1. The National Grande Cafe looks fab and I'd love to return to Belfast

    1. It was good! I would recommend their vanilla ice coffee :)

  2. This is one place I have always wanted to visit the rock formation is amazing. I didn't know about the titanic museum but I definitely would like to visit. The national grand cafe looks wonderful Lucy x

    1. Definitely check out the titanic museum if you go!

  3. beautiful photos