Beach Time in Monaco

Fun fact: this is my first summer in Europe.

Normally I dash home to Kenya as soon as university ends, but this year I thought I would try something different.

Room View Monaco

So far it's going great, I love my summer job and the weather in Ireland hasn't been too terrible. I may have even gotten a bit sunburnt one of the days... the shame!

New Office

Still, nothing really beats a few days on the beach so off to Monaco we went!

I think Monaco is a love / hate type of place. The Principality is spectacularly beautiful and so well kept, but 'low-key' it is not.

Some may remark that the line of Porsches and Ferraris you see parked outside the casino is perhaps a tad ostentatious. But you know what, I am totally into it! I think the flashiness is entertaining and it is such a fun place to spend a few days.

We stayed in a hotel in Fontivielle for the first two nights. We had stayed here before and it did not disappoint the second time around. Fontivielle is much quieter than Monte Carlo, with a gorgeous little harbour and a couple of really nice restaurants.

Fontivielle's harbour happens to be the spot where my lovely black hat was blown into the sea, about 5 minutes after having but it on.. RIP hat, you are missed.

After mourning the hat incident we went on a stroll over to the main harbour in Monaco and the Casino area.

Our stroll turned into something of a hike with all the hills. I was dying, but as various glamorous girls trotted past in 5 inch stillettos, I had no choice but to solider on.

In desperate need of refreshment we stopped at the famous Cafe de Paris overlooking the Casino. I probably should have had water, but instead I had wine.


We spent the afternoon on the beach which was lovely, but Kenya still has the upper had.. sorry Europe... I like my beaches to have endless white sand to be empty.

Monaco was definitely not like this, good for people watching though.

After the beach came champagne, rose because its summer.

Dinner was back in Fontvielle.

It was a fairly fishy affair with smoked salmon followed by sea bass and quinoa.

Both were delicious! It's been a minute since I have seafood so this was definitely a treat!

Then things went slightly downhill health-wise as I ordered a chocolate fondant. Again... holidays...

More Monaco adventures to follow soon!



  1. Sorry to hear that you lost your hat, but looks like you had a fun time! I really like the Fontvieille area for its restaurants too

    1. Aaah I know it was so annoying, but yes Fontvieille is gorgeous!

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing. I would love to visit Monaco, it looks beautiful :)

    Camille xo

  3. This place loos so amazing

    1. It is so nice :) Really love it there!

  4. This was such a fab read, and especially as I've never visited Monaco before! Sorry to hear you lost your hat, though totally worth it for the experience, right?! Mmm the chocolate fondant pudding looks delicious and well done for soldiering on in your heels - uphill, no less!

    ps. you really suit those large-frame sunglasses, you look so glamorous :)

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle! I got the sunglasses last year when I lost my other pair in the sea, I really need to stop losing things to the sea haha!

  5. Monaco? So jealous right now!!

  6. I have never visited Monaco, so it's nice to see it through your eyes. Gorgeous pictures!


  7. Holidaying in Europe rather than Kenya will be very different but good choice on destination and hotel. Sorry about the hat but you have s superb pic to look back on Lucy X

    1. Thanks so much Lucy! It is different for sure, but I am loving exploring Europe in the summer :)