Benediction Brunch Budapest

'Benediction' is usually defined as an invocation of divine blessing, but it can also refer to a ceremony of worship.

In the case of the Kempinski Corvinus's new 'Benediction Brunch' I think they were definitely going for the later...

Or of course it could just be a neat play on Eggs Benedict, either way, who wouldn't want to worship all things hollandaise?

And then there was champagne... yup, divine.

If you follow my snapchat (ashkenya) you will know I pretty live for brunch, so obviously I was more than delighted when I was asked to try out brunch Budapest style.

To start with I went for the goose liver terrine with grapefruit.

It was beautifully presented and the texture was deliciously smooth.

My companion went for the baked oyster 'Florentine' with spinach and hollandaise sauce.

It looked superb, and I deeply regret not giving it a try.

For the main I had... wait for it.... eggs benedict!

Yeah I bet you didn't see that coming. The eggs came on a bed of asparagus and crab meat, and they tasted as good as they looked.

Have you noticed that brunch these days seems to be expanding in size?

I'm pretty sure a couple years ago brunch consisted of a plate of scrambled eggs and a cup of tea.

Now it is an epic 3 course event with it's own cocktail list. Not that I am complaining, I am all about the food, which is why I somehow managed to inhale this traditional Hungarian cake.

Uh huh honey!

Verdict on Benediction Brunch: big thumbs up, the atmosphere was cool with the PJ and blazer clad DJ dropping some chilled beats, and the food was excellent.



  1. The food looks so yummy! :) xx

  2. What a lovely location to enjoy brunch; the food is so well presented - particularly the traditional Hungarian cake! x

    1. I loved how the cut a slice out of it! So cute!

  3. This looks like a stunning brush! That egg yolk looks perfect.

    Corinne x

  4. The brunch, the food, oh my gosh I am so in love with everything about these photos. This seems like a great place to enjoy a brunch.

    Kia / KTS

  5. That certainly is a sizeable brunch and I love the look of that cake!

  6. This is a huge brunch. I am with you that it seems to be ever increasing in size looks delicious though Lucy x

    1. I know! I could barely fit into my jeans after :(