Luxury Stay at the Dupont Circle Hotel Washington DC

"Power is a lot like real estate. It's all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value."

Dupont Circle Hotel

I couldn't start a post about Washington DC without a House of Cards quote! How great is that show??

Speaking of location... the Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington DC is as good as it gets! It is literally on top of the Dupont Metro Station, and a 10 minute stroll away from the White House... you know, in case you get invited down for tea.

Dupont Circle Metro Station.. worth checking out no matter where you stay.

Before booking the Dupont Circle Hotel I scoped out some of the reviews online. Interestingly, all of them went on about how great the heated floors were in the bathroom.

I can honestly say I have never paid attention to the temperature of the bathroom floor before, but it seemed like a big deal so my interest was peaked.

On arrival I was upgraded to a grand deluxe room, YES!

Major benefit of the upgrade was having a Nespresso machine in the room - major key!

The seating area was rather awkwardly placed, but there was acres of space. Plenty of room to dance around, if that is what you are into.

Once I took a few obligatory snaps, I instantly changed into robe life and turned on the heat on the bathroom floors.

Were the floors everything I hoped and dreamed of? Hmmm well I'm not sure I would have noticed if I hadn't read so much about them, but it was nice to have warm feet, especially considering it was the middle of winter when I went.

Conferencing with my friend Daniel.. not sure why there is a weird shine on the photo

I didn't have too much time to laze around in my robe as I had to get going to the conference, but the next morning I had more time to snoop around the hotel.

After an epic American breakfast of course!

I loved that the restaurant had a whole menu for smoothies and juices.

I went for the Blueberry Coconut Smoothie to help lessen the guilt from eating all those pancakes.

I then rushed out the door for a day of talks and networking. By the time I came home in the evening the time difference and the travel had caught up with me.

I crawled onto the bed and ordered room service.

15 minutes later a delicious steak sandwich and chips was delivered to my door... yeah I know the fake attempt at health with the smoothie did not last, but if you are in a different country it doesn't count right?

Sadly that was end of my flying visit to DC, but I do hope to go back soon and do more site seeing. As for my thoughts on the Dupont Circle Hotel... very buzzy hotel, great location, not the most luxurious place I have stayed in, but perfect for a business trip or a short break.



  1. It looks like a lovely hotel! I hope you had a great time :) xx

  2. It does indeed look like a fabulous location, I've always wanted to visit Washington to see all the museums!

    1. I didn't get much time sadly when I was there but would love to go back!

  3. It does indeed look like a fabulous location, I've always wanted to visit Washington to see all the museums!

  4. Nice post dear...
    love all details...
    lets follow each ether on GCp facebook instagram and google+?
    just start and let me know. i do the same..
    kisses from MM

    1. Thank you! Gosh I don't have all those outlets! Twitter and Instagram though :)

  5. What a swanky place!

  6. I love the hotel's decor, especially that of your room for the night! Pancakes for breakfast sound delicious, the perfect choice ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. The pancakes were really good :)

  7. There's nothing like a good upgrade. I'm actually going to DC in a couple of months so I definitely have to check out this hotel. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Kia / KTS

    1. You totally should Kia! It was so handy!

      Ash | Liakada

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  9. Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

  10. Such a cool place to stay
    Im lovin the interior

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