Weekend Break at the Shangri-La Singapore

Arriving in Singapore was a culture shock after nearly a month of living as a beach bum slash wannabe surfer in Borneo.

Singapore Skyline

Within 5 minutes of landing I nearly caused a security crises when I forgot my phone on the plane and attempted to run back onto the plane to retrieve it (don't do this in Singapore!).

Lobby of the Shangri-La Singapore

Once I recovered my phone I slowly ambled over to arrivals wearing flip flops and a raggy old beach dress while still shaking the sand from my hair.

I knew the Shangri-La had mentioned that they would send a car but being in full on beach mode I didn't think much of it.. until of course the car turned out to be a limo with WiFi and an iPad!

Valley Wing Private Entrance - photo credit Shangri-La Singapore

 Singapore, I have arrived!

Reception area at the Valley Wing 

Waiting for me at the Shangri-La Singapore was Akshay, my friend and former flatmate in Dublin who has just landed himself a job as a doctor in Singapore.

This weekend had turned out to be the perfect time to catch up as Akshay was starting work the following week so it was essentially his last taste of freedom (sorry Akshay!) and a great chance for me to see Singapore.

Champagne Bar - photo credit Shangri-La Singapore

Before I go on about the hotel can I just mention that I was sent a list of pillow types to select my preference before arriving!!

Yes a a whole list of pillow types! I mean how does one decided between foam and contour?

Deluxe Room in the Valley Wing - photo credit Shangri-La Singapore

Or of course there is the newly on-trend buckwheat pillow... admittedly I did have to look that one up and the first hit on google was from a site called "Sleep Like The Dead", well who wouldn't want that?
Deluxe Room - photo credit Shangri-La Singapore

Once we had settled into our awesome room in the Valley Wing and eaten all the chocolates, we ventured down to the champagne bar.

One of the benefits of staying in the ultra posh Valley Wing is the complimentary champagne.

Yes that's right bottomless champagne all day er day!!

They also serve complimentary afternoon tea, evening canapes, and cocktails.

Could this place get any better?

It was beginning to seem like Akshay and I would never leave the hotel but as it turns out friends of ours from med school, one of whom was also staying in the Shangri-La, were planning on going out so we somehow managed to tear ourselves away to join them.

My first taste of Singapore nightlife was at Kilo.

Kilo is in a totally ulu (Singlish for middle of nowhere) location on the 8th floor of a lone abandoned building.
The building that Kilo is in - photo credit Chow and the City

When we first pulled up outside I thought we were about to meet our sticky end, inside however is another story. This place is more hipster than an underground art gallery in Brooklyn.

Kilo Lounge - photo credit city nomad

The music is heavy techno, the crowd are all bankers dressed in converse and ripped jeans, and the decor is non-existent apart from some graffiti on the walls, nuts!

Raving - photo credit: The Best Singapore

After a few hours of jumping up and down to some crazy rave beats we retreated to our Shangri-La oasis and made sure to set our alarms for breakfast.

That turned out to be a solid move on our part as breakfast was not to be missed!

For Valley Wing guests breakfast is served complimentary in the beautiful Summit Room, I honestly felt like I upped my classy-ness by just walking into this place.

I was super healthy as usual and just had fruit..

And an omelette.. oops!

Akshay was far more adventurous than me and opted for the Chinese breakfast one morning and the Japanese breakfast the next.

Chinese Breakfast:
Chinese congee served with pickled cucumber, preserved chili beancurd, mushroom floss, green onion, braised peanuts, crispy shallots and a salted duck egg 

I also loved how the croissants were served warm! Yum!

Japanese Breakfast
Pan fried salmon, poached egg, tofu, steamed Japanese rice, and miso soup

We could barely move after all the food we ate so we went for a very slowwww stroll around the gardens.

The Shangri-La Singapore has a whopping 15 acres all to themselves which is crazy when you consider how jam packed everything else in Singapore is.

One of the reasons I fell in love with the Shangri-La chain when I first stayed with them in London (read here), is their ability to create a zen atmosphere right in the heart of the city.

A few minutes walk away from the chaotic Orchard Road I could sit in the middle of this rain forrest style garden and experience total peace and calm.

As we ambled back to the room we saw they were already setting up for afternoon tea in the main part of the hotel.

No we did not eat it! Have some faith in us!

It was tempting though....

Next on our adventure around the hotel was the massive 1000 seat ballroom which was being set up for a bridal show.

Essentially future brides and grooms would come and view the venue and select various types of table settings and decor.


Needless to say Akshay and I had fantastic time at the Shangri-La Singapore, and I was personally delighted as I got to do all of my favourite things... eat, drink champagne, and take zen photos!



  1. Bottomless champagne, an iPad in the limo and those gardens...sounds like my kind of place!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  2. Wow, just wow! Pillow selection, limo, and not to mention the food! Just wow!


    1. I know right?! Such a nice hotel!

      Ash | Liakada

  3. Super luxurious hotel :) I visited Singapore in June and I fell in love with this city. Marina Bay Sands view is amazing :)

    I invite you to visit my travel blog :)


    1. I went there too! It was such a great view :)

      Ash | Liakada

  4. Oh I don't think t his place can get any better. I am so in love with your photos girl. I wish I was there with you. This place is simply magical. Great post.

    Kia of / KTS

  5. What an incredible hotel!

  6. Your a brave woman trying to retrieve a phone from the plane in Singapore. I forgot to remove chewing gum at customs and let's just say it wasn't appreciated. I love Singapore so beautiful, cultured and their rules actually make lots of sense.

    This is the same hotel I stayed in for work, however it was a flying visit and then onto Bali. I wish I had been there longer, the limo, room and food all look wonderful Lucy x

    1. It was such a bad idea haha! I didn't even think about it, I was just like oops forgot my phone I'll just nip back on the plane and get it. I loved Singapore as well, so clean and structured!

      Ash | Liakada

  7. Wow, great photos! Now I want a personal butler, who lets me make pillow choices, too =D

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  8. Oh my god! This hotel looks stunning. I'm so jealous of your adventures.

    Corinne x

    1. Have to say I did get very lucky this time :)

      Ash | Liakada

  9. beautiful pictures dear....

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  10. Looks like so much fun
    Have a great vacay babe
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  11. wow! It looks amazing, your pictures make me dream, I bet it was an amazing time. x
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. It was so much fun! Thanks for stopping by :)

      Ash | Liakada

  12. oh man, now i wanna stay there!! looks so luxurious and relaxing!

    Have a great day!
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  13. Lovely photos! It sounds like you had an amazing time and it must have been such a lovely treat :) xx

  14. Hi Ash! I wanted to let you know that I had nominated you for The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award. Check it out on my blog :)


    1. Thanks so much, will check it out now!

      Ash | Liakada

  15. The hotel looks gorgeous, and the fact that is is so spacious is unreal compared to everything else in Singapore. Also loved the rainforest kind of garden part. xx