Casa Bleve Rome

What better than Italian food to lighten up your mood on a dark winter night?

I know I wrote about my trip to Rome a few weeks ago but I missed out one of the best parts which was the food! In particular our meal at Casa Bleve.

Dessert Time at Casa Bleve

The Italians have this great concept of "enoteca's" which are restaurants in wine bars, or wine bars in restaurants.. either way, I like it!

I spent quite a bit of time researching where to eat in Rome as it is so easy to fall into tourist trap restaurants serving barely adequate food, if you don't know where you are going.  I scoured multiple blogs and travel sites in search of a decent authentic Italian entoeca, not Michelin starred and all that jazz, but just somewhere you would go for a nice Saturday meal.

Of course there were about 100 restaurants being recommend as "the number one restaurant in Rome" but Casa Bleve seemed to be a constant on the lists of where to eat. The decision was made when I read that it was located in a 16th century palace!

Although set in a palace, the entrance to Casa Bleve is unassuming and is tucked away down a little side street in the city centre, definitely would not have stumbled upon it on our own!
Unassuming Entrance

I loved the design of the restaurant with its sky high ceilings and sense of grandeur.

Lovely High Ceilings 

The tables were all spread out with yards of space in between you and the other diners, a rarity in Europe these days.

Wine and Roman Statues

If I didn't already have a good feeling about the place I certainly started to when we were served complimentary nibbles and an extremely large glass of prosecco... this trend really needs to catch on!

Yes that is an enormous bottle of prosecco

The bottle of prosecco itself was rather enormous as was the vase of breadsticks that were then placed in front of us.
Again, Enormous

The antipasti plate is what Casa Bleve is known for, so I excitedly ordered it as a starter to share. Some of the tasters I loved, some I did not, but it was perfect and light and there is no way you could doubt the high quality of the ingredients.
Antipasti at Casa Bleve

For the main course the waiter recommend the beef cheek, I was not brave enough to try but I was told it was deliciously salty and tender by my Dad. I instead went for the lamb chops which were cooked to perfection and had so much flavour that my mouth is watering just thinking of them!

Lamb Chops at Casa Bleve

When it comes to a dessert menu, if I see a chocolate option (which I always should, what type of restaurant doesn't have a chocolate option for dessert?!) I really don't bother looking any further. Casa Bleve thankfully obeyed the chocolate rules and had the most dreamy chocolate souffle...yummmm.

Chocolate Souffle at Casa Bleve

Such a wonderful meal! Well worth a visit if you happen to be in Rome.



  1. looking Yummy.... nyam nyam nyam...

    1. Hi Angki! It was delicious, would recommend!