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There is no better TGIF moment then heading to the airport for a weekend getaway... until of course you reach the airport and run into the other 1000 people who have had the same idea and are all somehow ahead of you in the security queue. That aside, I have to promote London as being the perfect weekend getaway choice in Europe.
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 There is always something going on in the English capital, whether it being oh so cultured at a Shakespeare production, spending your entire months wage at Selfridges, or putting on your hipster glasses and heading out to the latest pop up restaurant in Soho... London is where it's at! Yet in all my time spent doing just that I have never quite had an experience comparable to dining at Hibiscus.

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Hibiscus is the creation of Chef Claude Bosi (French.. always a good sign in the foodie world) and was originally opened in 2000 in Shropshire a.k.a the sticks. It won it's second Michelin star in 2004, and in 2007 Bois and his wife shut the original restaurant and moved to Mayfair in London.  

Hibiscus briefly lost one of its stars after the move but the casual £1million spent on buying and decorating the new site did not go to waste as they won the star back again in 2009.
Hibiscus Maddox Street

Can I just say that again... this place has TWO Michelin stars... so fancy.

To be perfectly honest I consider M & S meals to be posh so I wasn't quite sure what to expect in a two starred michelin restaurant. I could only imagine that they must serve food worthy of the gods. So after getting suitably dolled up we went to check what it was all about.  

That London Vibe

First impressions were that the staff were extremely friendly and the restaurant had lovely cosy atmosphere. It was not pretentious at all which I was delighted about. I seriously dislike the "you should be grateful you were allowed through the door" attitude that some restaurants seem to adopt as they hand you over a bill that is similar in cost to a small car. 

Inside Hibiscus

As we settled into our comfortable blue seats, no up right straight backed nonsense here, we were served with endless delicious tasters before we even ordered. 

Appetisers in Hibiscus @liakadatravel

We received our first hint of the creative flair that Bois is known for with the foie gras ice cream. 

Foie Gras Ice Cream

Then came the melt in your mouth cheese balls ... there is definitely a less plebeian name for them, but sure I'm keeping it real for you.

Cheese Please

This was followed by another beautifully presented appetiser. I was nearly tempted to quit while we were ahead at this stage having had practically a full meal before we even ordered.. but of course we instead went for the 8 course tasting menu.

I make these at home

The first course was Devonshire Crab, oh wait no, before that came another course not on the menu. An amuse bouche of coconut milk, curry powder, and mushroom... Outside I was smiling, inside I was thinking of how to dispose of my weighing scales.

Amuse Bouche @liakadatravel

Now for real first course.. if they are not on the menu they don't count right? 

1. Devonshire Crab - Charentais Melon, Cobnuts @liakadatravel

The crab was followed by spring onions flavoured with lime and king prawns, and yes that is the reflection of a wine glass you see there. Here is the secret I haven't mentioned yet.. we actually got a wine flight to go along with our light snack of a meal. 

2. Spring Onions - Lime, King Prawn @liakadatravel

The guilt is tremendous but the wine flight was such a fantastic decision. The wine was truly the best wine I have ever tasted in my life. I also loved the descriptions our waitress gave of the wine before each course, it really made the meal more of an experience rather than an act of function.
3. Cornish Cod - Grenobloise, Capers, Lemon @liakadatravel

During the meal another waiter came out to display the foie grass sitting nicely in a leaf before being cooked. I'm sure a true foodie would demand such a show but I personally just enjoyed the entertainment factor.

How do you cook your foie gras?

Course number 4 was lobster because what is a fancy meal without it? It was delicious as all the courses had been so far. Please note I am doing serious injustice to the food by not giving its full description but you will have to take my word for it.. the flavours were so unique and vibrant.

4. Lobster - Paimpol Bean, Red Pepper, Raspberry @liakadatravel

Unveiled next was the foie gras minus the tropical looking leaf. 

5. Adour Foie Gras - Figs, Turnip & Vanilla @liakadatravel

This was followed by Goosnargh Duck with tomato, mint, and coriander. After all the wine I may not have been the best critic at this stage but I much preferred the foie gras to the duck, perhaps because so far it was the most traditional meal, but even still it was very tasty and I munched it all.

6. Goosnargh Duck - Tomato, Carrot, Mint & Coriander @liakadatravel

The first dessert was Burrata, which I thought was an interesting choice. I am more of a chocolate fanatic when it comes to dessert so it would not have been my first preference but I was happy to save some room for the grande finale. 
7. Burrata - Greengage, Wood Sorrel @liakadatravel

The Hibiscus Millefeuille with Indonesian basil ice cream was really the cherry on top to an incredible experience. I know I keep using the word experience but that is really what it was, the descriptions of each meal, each wine, displaying the foie gras, and the presentation of every dish, was fabulous making for an unforgettable night.

8. Heaven
We ordered some peppermint tea and then rolled home... actually we rolled to Mahiki but more on that to come. Hibiscus is most certainly a special occasion place and although you will probably have to start saving now if you want to eat there in a years time, it was so worth it. 

Check out the menu here:


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