Yosemite National Park

Scaling 7000 feet of sheer vertical rock face without a rope is hardly what most people would call a good time, yet when Alex Honnold took on this task America tuned in and Yosemite was plastered across TV screens and newspapers across the country. Famed among athletes for its granite cliffs and arduous hikes, Yosemite also has a wider appeal to those who simply want to get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful landscape the park provides.


The park is located in Eastern California and spreads over 3000 square kilometres hosting a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. It is most popular in summer with hoards of people coming for hiking, biking, and general outdoorsy activities.

I visited the park in July and unlike Alex Honnold, I wanted to partake in limited physical activity. The great thing about Yosemite is that it caters to a range of people with numerous hikes all of varying length and difficulty.

Don't Look Down

We hiked up one of the most popular trails to Vernal Falls, which is part of the Mist Trail. Hiking up to Vernal Falls and back takes about half a day and it is best to go early in the morning as it gets very hot and humid later on.
Vernal Falls

The trail was jammed with people and 600 extremely steep granite stairs mark the final ascent. I had absolutely no level of physical fitness when I went up and I thought my heart was literally going to break out of my chest it was pounding so hard. However, as several little kids ran past me my dignity forced me to go on and I made it to the top with no harm done.

Vernal Falls

For those who are not content with a morning of back breaking exertion, one can continue on past Vernal Falls to the 594-foot Nevada Falls and if you really feel the burn the top of the Half Dome can be reached from this trail.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it!

The top of Half Dome is a staggering 4800 feet above the valley floor, it is a full day hike and is not for the faint hearted. Another famous landmark is El Capitan, a granite cliff face of 3300 feet attracting the world best rock climbers.
On the way back down, that is why we are smiling

It is possible to stay in the park in lodges or campsites, also depending on your preference one can rent a house in the surrounding regions of Yosemite.
Our Cabin at Pine Mountain Lake
View from the balcony

We stayed in a cabin in Pine Mountain Lake, a gated community that offers a range of facilities, perfect for a family or group of friends!
Pine Mountain Lake
The cabin came with canoes and kayaks, and a very well designed paddle boat!

The drive up to Pine Mountain Lake was around 3 hours from San Francisco making it an ideal long weekend getaway. To round off this post about sport and activity I would like to include that we took a pit stop on the drive up for a another very necessary part of Californian life, In-N-Out.. Yum!

In-N-Out Burger #eatclean


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