San Francisco In A Day

"If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." This about summed up my knowledge of what to do in San Francisco before going there in July. This and the fact there was a rather large bridge hanging around somewhere.

Golden Gate Bridge  @liakadatravel

Of course I forgot the flowers so the  bridge seemed like a good place to start on my whistle stop tour around San Fran.

There are various viewing points on either side of Golden Gate Bridge where you can get a good snap for Instagram. If you want to sound fabulously cultured I would recommend using phrases such as "I simply love the art deco style of the bridge" with everyone you meet. For bonus points try to work in the history of Art Deco which first appeared in France after World War I. It's eclectic style that infuses traditional motifs with modern designs, became immensely popular in the interwar period quickly spreading internationally.

Vista Point - view of Alcatraz  @liakadatravel

 Slightly south of Golden Gate Bridge is Golden Gate Park it houses a number of attractions including the Botanical Garden and the Japanese Tea House, we considered dwelling in the park and looking at the flowers but our rumbling stomachs directed us to Pier 39 for some lunch.

Marina at Pier 39  @liakadatravel

Pier 39 is a waterfront complex with restaurants, shops, and sea lions! It is a very vibrant part of the city, attracting tourists and locals alike.
Pier 39  @liakadatravel

We ate at the Fog Harbour Fish House which has huge glass windows looking over the harbour (shocking). I had clam chowder in a sourdough bread ball which was delicious! Top tip: get a table close to the front entrance as the free wifi doesn't extend to the back. 

Calm Chowder at Pier 39  @liakadatravel

Next up and in keeping with the speedy theme of the day was the Rocket Boat. A half hour exhilarating ride in San Francisco bay.

Rocket Boat San Francisco  @liakadatravel

 Splashes and classic rock tunes come free. Beautiful and fun boat ride, but if speed isn't your thing then there are also slower and more stable boat cruises.

San Francisco Bay  @liakadatravel

#imonaboat  @liakadatravel

After wobbling off the Rocket Boat we were lured into Boudin Bakery by the smell of freshly baked treats. Boudin is famous for its sourdough bread, it is also super old (1849) and has a museum attached. I'm not much of a bread historian so I didn't check out the museum but the gift shop was pretty cool.

I could have take a picture of sourdough but this alligator is so much cooler  @liakadatravel

Cookie and ice coffee in hand we headed up to Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill. There was a bit of a queue to get to the observation deck but the views were spectacular.

The tower was named after Lillie Coit, a wealthy lady who passed away in 1929 leaving behind her fortune with the request that it be used to add the beauty of the city that she has always loved.

Panorama photo gone wrong, inception style view of San Francisco #artsy  @liakadatravel

Time was marching quickly on so our next stop which was meant to be a cable car ride and then a stroll down Market Street - the city's financial hub - turned into a quick drive down Market Street, and then a quick drive back up when we realised the street had free wifi!!

View from Coit Tower

From the extremely posh Market Street we made our final stop at the Ben & Jerry's at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. This corner was famous in the 60's for tie-dye wearing, weed smoking, acid dropping, hippies who were searching for peace, love, and positive vibrations.
Corner of Haight and Ashbury @liakadatravel

You can smell the incense as you wander through this neighbourhood of reggae stores, tattoo parlours, and vintage clothes shops. The bright colours of the houses mixed with the laid back vibe of the place make it such an intriguing area to visit, and I already can't wait to go back and explore a little more.

Hippie San Fancisco  @liakadatravel
So that's a wrap on what to do with one day in San Francisco. I will definitely go back as this city needs days of ambling around to get the true vibe, but if your time is limited then you now where to go!


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