Best Brunch Spots in Dublin

#BrunchIsMyReligion was voted as one of the top "20 hashtags  twenty somethings actually need" by BuzzFeed - a valuable accolade for sure. Aside from BuzzFeeds spectacular ability to drain hours of one's time, it is freakishly accurate in terms of picking up on current trends, and of course in predicting what Disney princess you would be.

You know you want to...

The brunching phenomena has taken Dublin by storm with cafes all over the city offering special brunch menus on weekends. I happily jumped on this French Toast filled band wagon and tried out several of Dublin's top brunch spots. I am happy to report to you a few of my favourites so far!


Odessa is my personal number one in Dublin as there ain't no party like a party that you can't find! Odessa is hidden down a somewhat dingy alley on the south side of Dublin's city centre. Once you walk down the alleyway you come to an equally ominous large dark wooden door with huge brass handles that screams prohibition jazz club rather than smoked salmon with fresh dill.
Enticing right?
Yet inside awaits some top notch brunch food with mimosa pitchers... hell yea. If the weather is nice try and persuade them to let you up on to the roof top terrace, the summer sunshine is perfect for sipping bellinis!
Mimosas and brunch on Odessa's rooftop

Whitefriar Grill

Whitefriar Grill is located on Aungier street, a sub-sect of a very long street comprising of an unusual mix of Christian book shops, sex stores, gay bars, and hipster restaurants. This place frequently appears on Dublin food blogs as a top brunch destination, and its not unwarranted - the in house DJ and their refreshing cocktails makes you feels last nights party is still going on.

 Huevos Rancheros at Whitefriar Grill

Dillingers Ranelagh

I live in the city centre so it really takes a lot for me to go in hunt of food outside of it, yet for Ranelagh I will make an exception. Ranelagh is a twenty minute walk (or a 5minute luas ride if you are feeling lazy) from the city and it is a hub of buzzing restaurants and cafes. Dillingers is in tough competition with neighbouring Cinnamon for Ranelagh's top brunch spot, both have excellent food but Dillingers has cottoned on to the 21st century need of having a website and the ability to book! So if you don't want to spend your Sunday morning queuing for a table I would recommend checking out Dillingers, besides, how good do those Super Nachos look?! YUM.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo fits nicely back into a 10 minute walking radius from my apartment, and better yet it has Lobster Benedict! A generous helping of lobster and a morello bellini was a truly fantastic start to my Sunday so much so that I barely feel the need to say more than - go forth and BRUNCH!

Lobster Eggs Benedict at San Lorenzos

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  1. Love this! I agree, Odessa's is #1, but that lobster benedict looks amazing! I will be starting my tour of Winnipeg brunch spots soon for when you come to visit me! ;) haha

    1. Thank you! Yes that would be fantastic! Would also appreciate a recipe on mini oreo cheesecakes ;)