Mojitos and Helicopters in Kuala Lumpur

After a week of strolling around as a fake hippie backpacker in my colourful harem pants we left the relaxed island vibe of Penang behind in search of the big city lights!

Georgetown, Penang

Being all spiritual and cultured

Penang is more of a beer on the beach kind of place then but if one were wanting to go out in Penang, Upper Penang Road is probably the most well known strip of bars and clubs. The backpacker area near Love Lane also has a collection of reggae bars and other funky hangouts.

Batu Ferringhi 
Curious about the name Love Lane? It is said that wealthy men used to house their mistresses on this road...

Upper Penang Road

Though before we hit the road we did stay for an epic Chinese New Years festival that Penang hosted on the streets of Georgetown.

One of the stages at the festival

Food stands and more at the Chinese New Year Festival

Happy Year of the Horse!

Fireworks over downtown Penang

We drove to KL along with half the country it seemed as the road was jammed. The drive took over 6 hours but at least we got to see some countryside on the way!

Road to Kuala Lumpur

When we finally reached I was in for a big treat, my friends apartment had the most marvellous view of the city!

View from the apartment in KL

I stayed for 5 days in KL which was plenty of time to check out what's hot on the Kuala Lumpur night scene. 

Drinks on a Helipad
The main clubbing area in KL is called Changkat Bukit Bingtang. This street is lined with bars and clubs that are hopping every night of the week! It is also the first place I have been to where bars offer ladies free drinks all night during the week. This place can get a little messy and crowded on the weekends so if you are looking for a more mellow night beware!

Changkat Bukit Bingtang

For drinks with a view we headed to Marini's on 57th. it advertises itself as a rooftop bar, a whiskey and cigar lounge, and an Italian restaurant. This place screams high roller as you sip your (expensive) cocktail overlooking KL's impressive skyline. Another sky high bar is called The Sky Bar on top of Traders Hotel. It is better know than Marini's but it is not quite as high up.

Marini's on 57th

View from Marini's
My personal favourite was the Heli Lounge. This bar operates as a fully functional heli pad during the day until 4pm when it turns into a bar. 

View from the Heli Lounge

You get your drinks downstairs then walk up the windy staircase to one of the best views in the city. It is a spectacular experience to sit out in the open air, drinking a mojito and watching the sun go down over KL's skyline, and if nothing else it makes a good snapchat!

KL Skyline

Sunset on the Helipad

 Already can't wait to go back!

Mojito on a Helipad

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