Penang's Hipster Scene

Scrap metal,  broken antique speakers, and a semi erotic arrangement of wood and wires is the setting for Penang's newest hipster hang out.
Junk Cafe in George Town Penang

Junk cafe, formerly known as the Daily Dose is leading the way in the island's vibrant coffee scene. This place is so cool it doesn't even have a fridge, ice boxes are used to keep the milk cold.

Junk Cafe

Amongst the eccentric collection of old electronics and bicycle chains, coffee aficionados enjoy the delicious creations made by a knowledgeable barista. Plants lining the outside give an extra refreshing vibe. If you can, I would scope out the owner of the junk collection ... with long black hair and funky blue tinted glasses he like this cafe, is not to be missed!

Outdoor seating at Junk

A gig venue, a wine bar, and most importantly a cake shop. China House comes top on the list of places to go in Penang.

Cake display at China House

I have yet to meet someone with as much of a sweet tooth as me, and unlike some of you sickening goodie two shoes out there I indulge my sweet tooth all the time, so I have self titled myself as a dessert expert.

In the realm of sweet treats China House was like a dream! Upon entering this bright and airy restaurant I was immediately drawn to several tables laden with treats and a glass case with three tiers of delicious looking cakes. My friend took control and ordered slices of tiramisu and chocolate and peanut butter cake, declaring the tiramisu was the best she had ever tasted. I can well believe it... it was divine!

Tiramisu at China house
Past an outdoor area with gorgeous water features came my next favourite, the wine bar. The band were said to be well known on the Penang scene and the vibe was funky and fresh.

Bar at China House

The prices in China House were more along a European level, expensive for Malaysia, but if you are like me and love your wine and cake, you know where to go!

Outdoor seating at China House

Now as the only thing better than wine is more wine I thought I had to add in 'That Little Wine Bar' to this list. I mentioned it before but it is definitely worth a second shout out. The bar is hidden away in Georgetown Penang and only hosts a few table, almost speak easy style. The general vibe is that if you can find this place you know your cool, and with over 100 types of wine on the menu it is well worth finding!

Rounding of this list of hipster hangouts in Geroge Town Penang is The Mug Shot Cafe - good food and a fun concept, worth checking out - and finally Maclister Mansion.

Mugshot Cafe

Maclister Mansion

Maclister Mansion isn't exactly hipster, its expensive and pretentious, but for the architecture alone it is worth a visit. It is set in a 100 year old colonial mansion and boosts 8 rooms, a fine dining area, a lounge with a  drinks menu the size of a book and whiskey bar, exactly what you would except from something that made Cond√© Nast's 'hot' list

Whiskey Bar at Maclister Mansion

The grounds are beautiful and if you want a little tasty of luxury this is the place, but don't come hungry as the bill might just burn a hole in your wallet!

Wall Art at Maclister Mansion


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