Best Places for a Sweet Treat on the Upper West Side

If there wasn't a risk of obesity, I would eat chocolate pretty much all day long.
Luckily sweet treats in another city don't count, right?
Alright that might not be totally sound advice, but either way here is my list of some of my favourite places for a quick sugar fix on the Upper West Side.
1) Levain Bakery 
A completely unremarkable and absolutely tiny basement shop. Yet you know this place is the real deal as there is always a line of people queuing out the door. My fav cookie at Levain is the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie, OMG it's so good!! Though don't gobble it all down at once, it  is VERY sweet!

Address: 167 W 74th St, New York

2) Magnolia Bakery
Ok, I agree that I have a somewhat hipster-ish hatred of coffee shop chains, but Mangnolia I will make an exception! I love picking up a sneaky cappuccino after an epic shopping session. Their daily cupcake display is mouthwatering and what’s more is they give you coffee in reasonable European sizes instead of having to glug down your entire body weight in caffeine, unless of course you want to – large sizes are available. Oh and one last thing, it is very reasonable!

Address: 200 Columbus Ave, New York
3) Voila Chocolat
I have a new obsession these days... it's with Matcha lattes. Have you tried them? They are divine, legal green cocaine are what they are otherwise known as. Yes there is a point to this, I promise! So while on the hunt for Matcha I came across Voila Chocolat, a neat little chocolate shop on 79th. You can actually make your own chocolate here which looked like fun, but even better than that is the white hot chocolate matcha!!! UH HUH HONEY!

Address: 221 W 79th St, New York,


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