Five Tips for Easy Air Travel

It suddenly feels as though aviation is the new buzz word. It is being bounced around everywhere from Wall Street analysts, to pushy parents trying to ensure their child secures themselves a lucrative job. Aviation is where it's at and certainly not without reason. Airline travel has rapidly increased over the last decade and this trend is set to continue. Boeing was one of the best performing companies on the NYSE last year, and personally I'm going long (market tip for those investors out there). 
Singapore Airlines
Accessibility and ease of airline travel has certainly improved but let's face it, it is still a giant pain. So here are some top tips I have picked up over the years to make it a little more bearable.

Emirate A380
1. Keep your passport and ticket on your person
How many times have you come to a passport check and realised you have to go rooting through your bag in search of your passport? Answer = Always. More annoying still is as you bend over to open your bag you have to awkwardly manoeuvre your body so that the coat you are carrying in one hand doesn't fall or the duty free bags don't go tumbling to the ground smashing your champagne bottle - disaster! Keep your passport in a pocket, preferably a deep one with a zip.

2. Simple Shoes Bro
Think about it, do you really want to be unlacing and lacing those converse all day? You may get lucky in some places and they wouldn't ask you to take them off but don't count on it. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off are ideal and time saving. The only time it is acceptable to wear boots is when you are on a tight budget with no checked in luggage... I feel ya, sometimes those pennies have got to be saved!

All Nippon Airways

3. Toiletries: bag it before you go
The number of times I have seen people fumbling around trying to find that last lipgloss to put into their clear plastic bags right before security is unreal. Get a sandwich bag and do it at home!  Also put them in a separate pocket at the top of your bag so you can make an easy reach and grab when you reach the conveyer belt.
Kenya Airways's new 787

4. Avoid new mums, old people and hippies. 
I realise this is partly the advice of the ever dreamy George Clooney in Up in the Air but what can I say... wise words. 
New mums with babies are a nightmare. They will firstly spend about a year dismantling their stroller, then comes the flying milk bottles, and of course, the kid will inevitably cry. Avoid!
Old people.. I love old people and I know I'll be the doddery-est of the lot in a few decades but for now, I'll be steering clear. 
Hippies or 'gap yah' students; you will probably smell them before you see them, otherwise they can be easily recognised by their dreadlocks, brightly coloured clothing, their beaded or feathered accessories, and their endless proclamations about "peace" and "positive vibrations". Try not associate with them, the "random" searches that they are sure to be subjected to will only hold you up.

5. Upgrade? Ask for it.
Ok Ryanair users... nothing against you, I frequently fly in the peasant shuttle myself but this section does not apply. It is amazing how many times simply asking for an upgrade has worked out for my friends and I. Of course the usual tricks apply of going to a member of the opposite sex at check in, looking tired / in pain / sad, and of course much of the time it won't work but for the odd time it does ... cheers to 8 hours + of champagne and a flat bed!
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